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5 Skin Care Tips for Women- Tips for Glowing Skin in Winter

In winter season, our skin becomes dry and irritated. We try to use so many creams on our body but it is not much helpful. But the season brings joy as we enjoy sitting near fire but it also causes dryness of skin.

But there are many ways you can overcome dryness of your skin. Following these tips will make you feel best in winter season.

  1. Purchase Humidifier

Buy a humidifier in your house or in your working place which will make your winter air dry and it will keep your skin totally hydrated. Try to keep the humidifier mainly at the place you spend time the most.

2. Water Temperature for Shower

Make sure you take a bath with lukewarm water. Do not take shower with hot water as it turns your skin red. Try to wash your hand with cooler water as it will remove germs from your skin and will not let your skin hydrated. If you use air hand dryer, don’t dry too much or perfectly dried.

3. Choose right soap

Use apt soap for yourself. Using unsuitable soap will cause irritation and dryness of skin. Less usage of soap will keep your skin hydrated. So make a limit of using soap and use at some required area.

4. Moisturize your hands

Use ointment on your hands all the time as it will keep your hands moisturized. Some lotions are very helpful in winter. This tip will be very helpful in cold and flu season. Try to use cream after each time hand wash.

5. Eat well

Some foods are really helpful when you face dry skin issues. Try to have food which contains omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids. Food plays very important role in keeping your skin healthy. If you eat well then it will help your skin glow naturally.

So, these were the tips which will definitely help your skin glow naturally in winter season. Follow these tips carefully and get healthy skin all the time in winter.


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