5 Ways Good Leaders Cultivate High Performing Teams

5 Ways Good Leaders Cultivate High Performing Teams

Leadership is all about the management of people and resources efficiently, to yield greater results towards the realization of organizational goals. One of the most potential resources any organization could have is the people. With the right people, anything can be accomplished. A good team with good leadership is a very powerful tool that can help the organization meet its goals and objectives. How? Through guided efforts, the people responsible for performing certain tasks learn the most efficient ways to do so.

How can a leader improve the outcome of his teams?

This article outlines 5 ways in which a good leader can cultivate good performance from their teams.

Listen to your teams:

Team players tend to perform better when their ideas are listened to. As a leader, you need to keep an open mind to the ideas of your team members. That’s because they know the challenges they face while performing their responsibilities. Listening to a team member might solve their problems and it could lead to better performance. Paying attention to your teams is motivating. Not only will they be motivated, but they will also be determined to do more.

Mentor your teams:

Every team needs guidance to meet the organization goals and objectives. Leading by example also means teaching the team how to handle simultaneous duties. So, teach them how to juggle various duties at the same time. 


It is important to plan ahead for your teams. A plan spells the path through which the organization will meet its goals and objectives. Planning also gives the team a clear picture of what is being accomplished. So, plan with the team members since this will provide the opportunity to hear their ideas and implement them.


Communication is very important in an organization. People talk to exchange ideas and with one another. They learn from each other and grow, bond, and forge professional relationships which can be beneficial. As a leader, you should ensure that there is easy communication amongst the team players. Any barriers to communication e.g. a solid chain of command should be eliminated to allow the team members to communicate more efficiently.

Effective communication is essential, both in the office and in life. Extraordinary leaders like Sean St. John National Bank and others make sure they are heard and understood, but they also know the importance of listening. Toronto banking Executive, Sean St. John has developed many valuable leadership skills by participating in the sports, he possesses the skills to inspire, motivate, and lead the colleagues.

Innovate, embrace technology:

Technology is one of the most important resources at a leader’s disposal. Great leaders loves the idea of technology taking over most aspects of modern life. It keeps people connected at all times, leaving more time to do other personal things.


Leadership is not just managing people and work projects. It could mean the success or failure of an organization. With the right leadership, any organization can meet its goals in a specified time. A good team without good leadership has lesser potential than a less capable team under good leadership. This is because the manager/group leader oversees the future events and drives his team towards the achievement of predetermined goals.

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