Acupuncture and Lymphedema Therapy to Improve Lymphedema


Massage therapy involves the application of pressure to the joints and muscles to ease the pain and speed up healing. It is also referred to as a form of pain relief. Massage therapy can be carried out using a hand, making use of special massage instruments like massage chairs, massage tables and massage heated towel or heated oil. Massage therapy can be performed using mechanical devices , such as massage balls, massage tables that vibrate as well as massage steppers and other devices.

Lymphatic drainage, Shiatsu massage also known as lymphatic massage is a form of massage that helps to improve lymph flow. The lymph fluid is able to carry away waste products back to the heart. To remove toxins from the body, massage improves lymph circulation through the lymphatic system. It increases the flow of lymphatic fluids which helps reduce inflammation and pain in the tissues that are inflamed. It helps to treat. Massage improves blood oxygenation which aids in fighting off infection and improves the immune system.

You have the option of choosing from many massage therapy options depending on your requirements. The gentle pressure relief is one type of massage. This massage technique concentrates on the layers that are deeper in the skin, and releases knots that are tight. In order to ease, the massage therapist will generally apply gentle pressure to various key regions. This method of massage can prevent your skin from cracking because the strokes of massage affect the skin’s thickest layer first.

Lymphatic massage is a different type of massage therapy. This method mainly uses massage to stimulate the lymphatic system by applying light pressure. The massage therapist puts their fingers while running water currents that flow around the area of concern and the lymphatic system gets cleared of accumulated wastes. The lymphatic system is cleansed by injecting a detoxifying agent in the affected area.

Acupressure points can be another effective method of draining lymphatic fluid. This method is popular with those seeking to regulate their hormones digestion, digestive and other functions. The practitioner applies pressure to specific points and relieves the client of stress, pains and improves the flexibility of their muscles. After this treatment, fluid increases and consequently lymphatic drainage improves. The increased volume of fluid helps reduce the swelling caused due to fluid build up within the lymphatic system.

The Shiatsu massage technique also assists in improving the skin condition through applying pressure to specific places on the body. Through this method, the skin improves by introducing vital energy to the skin cells thus improving the color and texture of the skin. Shiatsu massage can also be used to treat deep-tissue injuries that cause permanent disability of muscles and joints. This technique also treats injuries that result from external force or excessive exertion. Shiatsu reduces stiffness and swelling caused by overuse of muscles.

Certain massage therapists believe in combining Swedish massage technique with acupuncture to treat different ailments and issues. Massage therapy, Chinese medicine and acupuncture are interrelated , and their combined effect has been proven to be extremely effective. Swedish massage is a soft and relaxing massage that uses gentle pressure on muscles to improve blood circulation. Swedish massage practitioners believe that applying continuous pressure to pressure points will improve the effectiveness of Swedish massage to ease the pain, cramps and spasms. In Chinese medicine the theory behind the efficacy of acupuncture is in the fact that acupuncture can stimulate the release of ‘healing energy’ within the body. This energy is known as qi, from the source of an organ or bone.

A person should always opt for a gentle and light massages, especially for those who lead an active life style. Massage is very beneficial for people who suffer from lymphedema and other types of lymphatic diseases. Lymphedema refers to the accumulation of lymph fluid within tissues in the arms and legs and causes the feeling of being heavy in the limbs. A gentle lymphatic massage can greatly help in relieving the symptoms of lymphedema.

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