Nandhana Restaurants could also be a sequence of multi-cuisine Andhra Style Restaurants in Bangalore. we've more than 20 years of experience in bowling over Bangaloreans with our delicious Andhra Style cuisine in Bangalore. Today, Nandhana Restaurants has become the must-visit Andhra restaurant in Bangalore for people who are missing home badly and other people crave for spicy Andhra foods and Starters also. Although several Andhra restaurants in Bangalore serve Andhra cuisine, Nandhana Palace is one of the only restaurants where you will get the only Andhra food. Nandhana's commitment to stay faithful to its roots in providing only the only quality food and repair has helped it gain a loyal customer base. In our Restaurants, the usage of banana leaf instead of plates brings the tradition to existence.

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Aromatic and bursting with flavors, Biryani may be a wholesome meal that’s loved by everyone. Whether it’s for a fast filling lunch or late night cravings, biryani is that the solution for all of your woes. Every place in India has its own unique taste and variation on this classic dish. And among those Andhra Biryani has become very fashionable for its spiciness and therefore the rich taste. that’s why Nandhana Restaurants™ has […]


Best Andhra Restaurant in Bangalore you want to Visit Once.

Taste of Andhra food is that the best ever taste as touching the Everest. Spicy tasty food of Andhra is liked by one and every one . Wanna do this chatpata taste? Then you want to visit the foremost renowned Andhra restaurant – Nandhana Restaurants which is loved by many for its appetizing taste. Nandhana is one among the simplest Andhra Restaurant in Bangalore that serves the simplest Hyderabadi Chicken […]


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Find the Spicy and healthy biryani in Bangalore and its make us drool

The origin behind these delightful variations of food exists in the state and has continued since the Nawab’s ruling period.  Andhra cuisine includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that are both should make an unforgettable moment in your life. Hyderabadi’s popular dishes include tasty Biryanis, delicious rice and some tangy chutneys and pickles.   This state that […]