best beauty tips for body

Beauty Tips for Body: Natural Body Treatment

We compete to get perfect look of our body and face but we are actually a little lazy to pick up good habits to beautify our body. We can please ourselves for some duration only by applying multiple beauty products on our body unless we indulge good habits to take care of our body.
Therefore, we are sharing some tips to take care of your body internally and externally both.

  1. Whiten Dark Body Parts

-Take some juice of lime into a bowl.
-Take a lime and cut into two pieces.
-Rub gently on dark body parts.
-Don’t wash and wait for 15-18 minutes.
-Now dip any towel in warm water and apply on the dark area.
-Follow this process daily and get rid of dark areas of body.

2. Glow Your Skin

-Make a combination of green lime juice, glycerin and rose water into equal quantity (2 tablespoon each)
-After mixing well, place it into a clean bottle.
-Apply this combination on your body skin for 30-45 minutes and get smoother and glowing skin.

3. Remove Warts by Potatoes

-Chop 2-3 potatoes into pieces
-Rub around the area of nails where there are warts.
-Rub gently with a piece of cotton.
-After 10 to 12 minutes, wash the area by water.

4. Swelling Eyes

-Take rose water into a small bowl.
-Ring a piece of cotton in rose water and apply on the swelling eyes.
-Put the cotton piece for 15 to 18 minutes.
-Now it’s time to put it off.
-It will make your eyes beautiful.

5. Shiny Hair

-Put 1 cup of cold milk into a bowl.
-Just before shower, apply the milk on your hair and rub it very well for some minutes.
-Wait for 25 minutes and don’t wash it off.
-Now it’s time to wash the hair with good quality of shampoo.
-You can see the difference now in your hair look.
-Milk plays very important role in conditioning your hair and make it shiny and silky.

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