Best AC guide in India to know about elegant ac for your home.

To get satisfied with your AC purchasing process, you must pick the most features having an Air conditioner that is suitable for all weather conditioners.

Modern AC models have a lot of AC modes that help to reduce the electricity bill, providing better performance and it gives the unique options.

AC buying guides in India suggest the AC modes available in Indian AC models, this could help the users to pick the perfect AC.

AC blog in India analyzes all AC models and provides the significant features of the AC.

Capacity of AC

Choosing the correct AC size is confusing. The AC device with higher capacity cools the room faster than average, but consumes a lot of electricity. While the smaller capacity air conditioner has to work hard to cool down the space, it takes up a whole lot of energy, although it does not effectively cool down the space. When selecting an AC, it is important to remember this. Maximum capacity for the room in home is 1 ton 1.5 ton.

Modes in AC

When purchasing AC, we have to know the technology equipped in that AC. Some of the AC modes are listed out below.

Cool Mode – When the cool mode is active, the compressor cools the air and throws the heat outside and produces the cold air inside home.

Dry Mode – It’s responsible for eliminating the excess humidity in the room. This mode is equipped only in Split AC models.

Fan Mode – it runs the fan in the AC without running the compressor, it reduces the electricity bill and useful technology in the cool weather season.

Sleep Mode – It is a special configuration that allows the AC to raise the thermostat’s temperature level. It keeps increasing until the temperature rises.

Turbo Mode- Turbo mode on the air conditioner activates fast air conditioning and heating when the maximum fan speed is controlled for a short period of time. This mode is not such an electricity-saving environment.

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