choose an air cooler for home in india

Air coolers are the most effective cooling solutions on summer days! Aren’t they?

Many Families prefer Air Coolers as they don’t consume much power,

don’t occupy much space, are stylish and have an easy air cooling process.

These are the few phases to choose an air cooler for home:

Water Tank capacity

  • Residential Air Coolers have 20 – 30 Ltr capacity.
  • Commercial Air Coolers hold 40 – 120 Ltr capacity range.

Shut-off Dampers

  • They reduce the loss of cooling from the air cooler.
  • They are also within the ducts when it closes when the fan is off and opens when it starts.


Remote Control

  • Better buy an air Cooler with remote and keep the speed under your control.
  • Feel the convenience and comforts from your sofa or bed.


Bottom line

  • After choosing the proper model, don’t forget to ask the Air Cooler dealers in your nearby AC showrooms about the Warranty period.
  • Compare the worth and makes before placing an order online.


Have a cheerful Air Cooler buying your home!

To Know more details about air cooler visit this best ac buying guide –

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