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Effective Way For Online Movie Promotion | Marketing Strategies & Ideas to Promote Movie or TV Show

How to Promote Your Film or TV Show Online and Social Media Through Paid and Unpaid Advertisement:

  1. Paid Advertisement
    1. Google Adwords
    2. Facebook Advertisement
  2. Unpaid Advertisement
    1. Social Media Optimization
      1. Facebook Profile, Page, Group
      2. Twitter Page
      3. LnkedIn
      4. Instagram
      5. Youtube
      6. Pinterest
      7. Reddit
      8. Vine
      9. Google+
      10. Flickr
      11. Meetup
    2. Search Engine Optimization
      1. Log in Movie Database (Like IMDb.)
      2. Fan Clubs and Sites
      3. Submit URLs to Search Engine
      4. Movie Page in Social Sites
      5. Photo Sharing and Free Download
      6. Share Videos / Trailers
      7. Use Tags in Videos Sharing Sites
      8. Presence in Blogs
      9. Write Interesting Articles
      10. Submit to Directories
      11. Online Forum Discussions
      12. Docshare
      13. Presentations Share
      14. e-Book Submission
      15. Social Bookmarking
      16. Respond to Comments
      17. Email Signature
      18. RSS Feeds
      19. Online Contests
      20. Online Polls



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