Explain Air Conditioners Compressor and its Types

When we feel the chillness in Air conditioner, we have to thank multiple parts placed inside the AC that work together to give the cooling or heating performance. Now, you have to know the important unit in the AC that plays a crucial role in the cooling process. Air Conditioners Compressor is located within the AC unit that helps to make up the outer unit of your AC device.

The compressor’s job is to compress the cooling system that enters it so that the temperature of the refrigerant increases. When heated, the gas exits from the compressor and moves into the condenser so that the cooling process is initiated. Although all AC compressors have the same job, they operate in a number of ways.

AC buying guide in India is the best path to discover the details about the Air Conditioner. Air Conditioners Compressor is the only device that has the potential to change the quality of AC units. If it works in an effective way, you’ll get better performance. If the compressor goes under trouble, the trouble is transferred to the user. Various types of compressor used in the Air conditioner and that Compressor have a different working style. Main compressors type list out in this article.

Reciprocating compressor

Reciprocating compressor is the most popular compressor type in the AC world. In this Compressor, pistons compress the air through reciprocating processes like up and down. It compresses the air and releases the air into the condenser. This model compressor is an efficient one that works with eight cylinders.

Scroll compressor

Scroll compressor has a static scroll that stays static and a scroll that rotates with the use of a swing. When the second scroll passes, the refrigerant gaps are slowly moved to the middle of the two scrolls, compressing the refrigerant.

Screw compressor

When the AC compressor is needed for an industrial purpose, a screw compressor is a very effective and reliable one. Screw compressors are often used in large office buildings, warehouses or other places where an immense amount of air requires to be cooled continuously.

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