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Explain the top 5 washing machine brands in India – 2020?

The washing machine market in India is a broadly exposed segment and really worthy for people’s needs. Top brands of washing machines in India have grown with modern and creative technology, and washing clothes has become a truly unique experience. Washing machine reviews list out five top brands based on  the better  performing experience.


LG Electronics is the leading brand of washing machines with a reliable LG service in India. They have a wide variety of creative items across any budget range. LG is one of the pioneer brands to introduce the latest innovations such as Direct Drive and Inverter Technology.

Direct Drive, Smart Inverter Technology, Turbo Drum, True Balance, Jet Spray Technology, 6 Motion Technology are key features in this brand.


Samsung is the most innovative home appliance brand in India. Samsung just introduced a quick-drive washing machine that lowered washing time. Latest machines also arrive with Artificial Intelligence. Eco bubble technology aims to trigger detergent through the use of bubbles.

Eco Drum Clean technology immediately notifies for the cleaning of drums. Wobble Technology is often used in top loading machines that produce a multi-directional flow for free wrapping.


Bosch is one of the Top Brands for Front Loaded Washers in India. VarioDrum technology Wave-droplet pattern is soft on the clothing. VarioDrum also helps minimise creasing by allowing your laundry more space to pass about. ActiveWater Plus technology optimises the use of water at 256 load sensing speeds. EcoSilent Drive reduces engine friction that helps to minimise power consumption and also decreases noise.


Whirlpool is one of India’s largest home appliance brands. Sixth Sense SoftMove Technology is capable of adjusting the movements of the drum based on the type of fabric. SteamCare technology incorporates steam to stop wrinkles from happening. This technology also serves to maintain bacterial clothing and odor free.

IntelliSense Inverter Engine Helps minimize noise and vibration. The inverter engine also decreases electrical consumption.


IFB washing machines are known for the best front loading washing machine. IFB employs some effective features like ball valve technology, air bubble wash, crescent moon drum, 3D wash system, self-balancing system and water filter treatment to remove detergents easily and efficiently.

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