Five of the Most Beautiful Recording Studios in the World

Five of the Most Beautiful Recording Studios in the World

There was once a time when recording songs was an exclusive activity and only a selected number of studios existed. Even though home studio setups are gaining popularity and professional audio quality is becoming easy to achieve, the thought of professional recording studios might seem like a thing of the old times for many people.

Well, this is a wrong assumption. Here is a list of the Five Most beautiful recording studios in the world that is sure to explain the importance of professional recording studios.

Abbey Road Studios (London, United Kingdom):

Abbey Road Studios was just a 9 bedroom house when it was first built in 1829. Later, the Gramophone Company bought it in 1928 as a project studio. In 1931, they merged with the Columbia Gramophone Company to form Electrical and Musical Industries now known as EMI studios.

Only after the legendary Beatles album became a hit, the studio was named Abbey Road Studios in 1970. In 2012, the Universal Music Group took over EMI studios for a staggering £1.2 billion.

Today, Abbey Road Studios is known as the most iconic studios running and almost everyone has heard of it whether in the music industry or not.

Capitol Studios (Los Angeles, United States of America):

How does the thought of having a track mixed and comprehended by Grammy-winning experts sound? That too with the best equipment and the comfort of your home. With the latest online service that Capitol Studios has launched, at less than $200, an artist can get songs that match the audio quality and level of the best releases. Moreover, starting at $600 they have an option to cut vinyl masters in 2 easy steps just because you get an excellent sound recording.

Capitol Studios was built in 1956 only for artists that were signed to Capitol Studios. This was until 1968.

It hasn’t been long since the studios were refurbished to keep it upgraded with the latest technology and facilities. Capitol Studios is a building with 13 floors and a height of 150 feet. The design of the building is cylindrical while the studio is on the ground floor that is rectangular in shape.

Air Studios (London, United Kingdom):

The Air Studios might appear to have an old look on the exterior but it has been built with extremely special features. As the studios are capable enough to meet the highest of standards and expectations, some of the most successful artists in the industry, DuaLipa, Katy Perry, Adele, Coldplay, and Ellie Goulding and more have recorded in it.

The studio was born in 1969 when George Martin left present-day EMI Records to build a good quality recording studio at the centre of London and since then it has become one of the most renowned recording studios in the world.

Metropolis Studios (London, United Kingdom):

The welcoming environment, optional accommodation, and writing rooms are what makes Metropolis Studios one of the best. The studio rooms arrange a comfortable and stimulating environment. Moreover, one can choose between digital audio workstations, MIDI controllers, midi keyboards, iMacs loaded with Logic Pro X, Waves CLA Vocals, Pro Tools 12.8.1, and other majestic software.

In addition to the high-end technology and facilities mentioned, Metropolis Studios also offers its clients an option to live in accommodation space within the studios itself. The accommodation spaces include a private, luxury split-level 4 double bedroom apartment with two bathrooms and an open design lounge that takes to a private balcony offering an exceptional view.

Platinum Studios (New York City, USA):

Platinum Studios in exceptional in this list as it has a unique sounding room that can capture tight drums and rich vocals. The studios have extraordinary sounding wooden space that has an 80 channel Logic 9000J mixing desk for the best sound.

Another exclusive quality of the studios is that is houses the only solid-state Logic XL9000K in the city. The best artists in the industry Justin Bieber, Shakira, Kanye West, America’s Got Talent, MTV, VH1, and Nelly are some who have used the studios.

In 2000, rapper Wyclef Jean and multi-platinum Grammy-winning producer Jerry Dupless is founded platinum studios. The studio was focused on sound quality, exceptional productivity, and privacy all so that artists be comfortable.

Eileen Richardson CEO of DiaDan Holdings Ltd. and the former owner of a recording studio in Los Angeles took pride in hosting many artists and music legends. Eileen Richardson DiaDan holdings always preferred a recording studio rather than a studio at home.

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