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GoStock – Free Stock Photos Script Documentation

GoStock – Free Stock Photos Script It is a platform to share stock photos free of high quality, users will be able to upload their photos to share with the whole community and visitors, and may receive donations through PayPal. In addition users will be able to give you like, comment, share and add to collections your favorite photos.


  1. Built with Laravel 5.3.x
  2. Bootstrap
  3. Font Awesome
  4. IcoMoon
  5. Facebook Login
  6. Follow / Unfollow system
  7. Like in Photos
  8. Collections of Photos
  9. Categories
  10. Notifications Real-time
  11. Latest, Featured, Popular, Most Commented, Most Viewed, Most Downloads sections
  12. Photo search
  13. Download photos in different size
  14. Search for photos by colors and cameras
  15. Members can upload unlimited photos
  16. Updates photos
  17. Option Delete Account
  18. Members can change their name, email and password
  19. Upload Avatar
  20. Upload Cover
  21. Change password
  22. Donations through PayPal for members
  23. XSS: Protection from cross site scripting
  24. Secure Bcrypt password hashing
  25. SMTP Support
  26. Share social
  27. Easy translation
  28. Ajax pagination in Photos and Comments
  29. Comment system
  30. Like in comments
  31. Feed section (Posts by users you follow)

Requirements: –

  • PHP 5.6 or Greater
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • cURL
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • GD Library.
  • Enabled function mbstring
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • allow_url_fopen (PHP.INI) is ON
  • XML PHP Extension
  • MCrypt PHP Extension

A) Setting MySQL –

This script works with PHP 5.6 and MySQL 5. The first thing to do is:

  • 1.) Create a database
  • 2.) Create a user for database

B) Uploading Files –

A) upload the folder “Script” to the “public_html” folder on your server.
B) Log into your phpMyAdmin and import the gostock.sql file located in the folder “Mysql” (NOTE: the database already must be created )

C) Installation –

Make sure PDO driver is enabled on your server, if not, you should ask your hosting provider activation of this driver, so that the script can work.

After you have uploaded all files can start to setup the files.

›› Database Connection/Mail Set Up

  1. Open the file .env located in your root folder, with any text editor, e.g: NOTEPAD ( IMPORTANT: You can not find the file and you are using cPanel click show hidden files )
  2. change the following parameters, for theirs:

Database Connection



place all data without spacesSave and close.

  1. Open the file mail.php located in the folder config, with any text editor, e.g: NOTEPAD
  2. Save and close.

D) Settings Admin Panel –

Access to admin panel

– Just enter from and enter the following credentials.

	User: admin
	Pass: 123456

In admin panel you can:

  1. Change the site name
  2. Change the site title welcome
  3. Manage General Settings and Limits
  4. Statistics
  5. Set keywords for the site. (SEO)
  6. Add a description (SEO)
  7. Create/Edit pages e.g.: Help, Privacy, etc.
  8. Manage Categories
  9. Manage Photos
  10. Manage Members.
  11. Manage Members, Photos Reported
  12. Set up social accounts
  13. Manage Google Adsense, Google Analytics

E) Customize –

Changing the logo

  • Path: public / img / logo.png

Changing watermark in photos

  • Path: public / img / watermark.png

Changing the favicon

  • Path: public / img / favicon.png

Change the background header index page

  • Path: public / img / header_index.jpg

Change the background header color page

  • Path: public / img / header_colors.jpg

Change the background header cameras page

  • Path: public / img / header_cameras.jpg

Change image default in categories

  • Path: public / img-category / default.jpg

Change image default in collections

  • Path: public / uploads / thumbnail / img-collection.jpg

Change the background bottom index page

  • Path: public / img / cover.jpg

Change the default link color

  • Find this #F00 in public / css / main.css and you replace it with the one you want

F) Social Login –

  1. Open the file services.php located in the folder config, with any text editor, e.g: NOTEPAD
  2. Save and close.
  3. IMPORTANT: You should ensure that this is ON Facebook login at http://YOURSITE.COM/panel/admin/settings
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