How to buy the best Air conditioners for home – Ac Buying guide

Nowadays, most brands of air conditioners also arrive with a new version that not only cools the room, but also warms it up. These ACs are commonly used for hot and cold purposes in single devices. And these types of air conditioners are ideal for all seasons.  AC purchasing guide in India gives the great suggestion to pick an ideal one that suits the Indian weather condition.

Some air conditioners are best for energy efficiency, some are highly efficient, some give improved cooling than others, and several arrive with all the features. But, as there are many brands and designs with differential features and functions, it gives you confusion.

Generally air conditioners have two varieties. First One is Window AC and the other one is Split AC. It depends on your purpose and budget to choose the AC variety and some major factors involved in air conditioner selection.

Capacity is the first thing that comes into the AC segments. Capacity required to cool the room based on the size of the room. 1 ton AC is general and suitable size for a small room approximately 150 sq.ft.

Noise factors play a crucial role in AC selection. In some AC models, Compressor makes noise loud and that is too disturbing. In this case, Split AC is the best choice to choose the AC with lower noise work.

Smart features in AC helps to integrate with smart devices

Additional features equipped in modern Air conditioners to make the air conditioner using better. Wi-Fi compatibility makes wireless action when you are not at home. Self-clean feature moves the brush automatically to the filter to clean the dirt in the wings.  Activity sensors monitor the work of an AC to regulate the consumption of energy. Smart features in AC helps to integrate with smart devices. Voice command and AC app gives the extra feature to control the AC.

Selecting the perfect AC for your home and office is a tough task. Therefore, Know Your AC helps with this AC blog covering the detailed AC buying guide in India. So you always get the best one. They gives detailed information about the different model and variety of air conditioner

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