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How to Easily Migrate WordPress Website to a New Domain ?

Moving your domain without changing the Home and Site URLs of your WordPress site is very simple, and in most cases can be done by moving the files. If database and URL remain the same, you can move by just copying your files and database. If database name or user changes, edit wp-config.php to have the correct values.

Here’s the 8 step process that we will cover to help you migrate your WordPress site to a new domain name without any loss.

  1. Create a Duplicator package of your WordPress site
  2. Create a database for new domain name
  3. Unpack WordPress on new domain
  4. Change old domain to new domain in wp_option in php admin
  5. Change WordPress admin password in wp_users in php admin
  6. Change WordPress permalink
  7. Setup Permanent 301 redirects
  8. Notify Google about the change
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