How to select the best and right choice of air cooler for your home?

These are the few steps to select air cooler:
  • You canchoose the aircooler consistent with the climatic condition of the place you reside.
  • Select the simplest that matches you from portable coolers and desert coolers.
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  • Look for the trending features before buying an Air cooler. Know all the specifications, technologies and features of the model you wish to buy .
  • Don’t know much about Air cooler features?
Don’t worry. We got you covered!
  • Look for these important features in Air Coolers,
Thickness of cooling pads:
  • Quality and Thickness of a cooling pad is vital as they’re vital within the cooling process of an air cooler.
  • Select between Aspen Pads and Cellulose Cooling Pads.
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  • Look over the no. of regulating speed.
  • Always prefer the air coolers with high speed and fewer noise.
  • Some Air Coolers provide Air modes like Natural, Normal and Sleeping modes.
Water level Controller:
  • Make sure that the air cooler you select has anautomatic water controller. It maintains water within the
  • Cooler at pre-setting levels to stop it from leaking out.

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