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How Visual Search Is Taking Over the Search Engines

In our daily life, we identify different objects based on the vision. For example, if different things are present in your room, you can easily differentiate between these things based on the vision. The visual search also follows the same tricks. Some people think that the image search and visual search are the same things. These are not the same things because the image search is different from the visual search. Its reason is that if you are searching for something by using image search, it means that you are inputting some words in the search engines and search engines are showing related images. On the other hand, visual search use images as a search query rather than words. The visual search identifies the objects within the images and it shows results relevant to these images. Here, we will discuss how visual search is taking over the search engines.


Where We Are In The Visual Search?

Lots of engineers are working for the improvement of the neural networks of the visual search engines. The most important development in this field is in the form of Google Lens. Google Lens is an essential app that is launched by Google and it is working just like a visual search engine. The most important feature of this app is that it analyzes the pictures that we are taking and after processing these images, it will provide useful information about these images. For example, if you are taking a picture of an ice-cream shop, Google Lens will analyze it and it will provide useful information about it. First, it can tell the name of the shop and ice-cream. Secondly, it will provide reviews of the people about this ice-cream. Thirdly, it will how many people are liking this product. Google Lens will provide this information after analyzing this information from the vast store of Google’s data, algorithms and graphs. Now, the problem is that when different neural networks can’t understand the complexity of the images, it is difficult for them to provide the best quality results. That’s why the engineers are trying to apply the cognitive psychology techniques in the visual search. Anyhow, Google is not only the single company which is providing the facility of the visual search because Pinterest has also launched the same technology in its search bar. It means that you can take a photo by using the Pinterest app and it will analyze it just like Google Lens.


What Will Be The Future Of Visual Search?

Nowadays, it is easy for us to search the information just by typing words but it is expected that there will dominance of the visual search engines over the convenient search engines in the field of sales. It means that if you want to buy something on a store, you don’t need to type words of different products. Its reason if you take a photo of your required products, it will show relevant results. If we are thinking that in the future, visual search engines will finish the use and importance of convenient search engines, we are wrong. Its reason is that we can’t provide services in the form of visual content. Anyhow, if we want to improve the sales of our products and services like dissertation editing services, we have to rely on visual search engines. Nowadays, more than 69% of retailers are relying on visual content to purchase different products. In the future, there is a possibility that more than 90% of the retailers will rely on the visual content to purchase different products.


SEO of Visual Search:

As we know that search engines can index the images and videos and to rank these images and videos. We can also say that image SEO and video SEO are present in the online world for various years. The visual content has gained more popularity with the introduction of some famous websites like YouTube and Facebook. Therefore, while sharing posts on the websites, we should also do proper SEO of the images. To do proper SEO of the images, we should include SEO-friendly alt-texts, we should submit sitemaps for the images and we should also try to add SEO-friendly titles of the images. If you are sharing original and unique images, you will get higher ranks in the search engines. Now, the problem is that SEO of images is creating lots of problems for the creators. Its reason is that if we want to do SEO of a post, we have to include words. On the other hand, if we want to do SEO of an image, we have to focus on the quality of the images because search engines will rank your images based on the quality of the images. To include the microdata on the images is also a tedious task for the creators. Therefore, you should also try to create the best quality images by adding the microdata on the images.


Stats about Visual Search:

As we have discussed earlier that visual search is getting fame among the people and it is dominating over the convenient search in various ways. Some essential stats about the importance of the visual search is given below;

  • The image recognition marketing is growing. At the end of 2020, it is expected that image recognition marketing will be more than $25.25 billion.
  • The human brain can process the information in the image format 60,000 times faster than the information in the text form. Moreover, more than 90% information that is transmitted to the brain is in the visual format.
  • The human brain can process the information on the images just within 13 milliseconds.
  • According to the reports of Pinterest, the average monthly searches on Pinterest are 600 million.
  • 19% of the search queries on Google are also done in the form of images.
  • While shopping for different products, more than 85% of shoppers try to give importance to the image search than visual search.
  • The companies which are designing their websites based on the image and voice searches are gaining 30% more revenue than other websites.

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