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Laptop touchpad not working? Here are the tricks to solve it!

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Is your laptop touchpad not working? Follow our troubleshooting techniques to make it work again in a very short interval. When you don’t have a spare mouse and your laptop touchpad is not workingit is hard to do anything on your laptop. Don’t worry. Fixing a laptop touchpad issue is fairly simple than you expect.  

The first and easiest tip is to restart your computer. Sometimes, a simple restart would solve minor issues and glitches. We know it is painful to switch off the laptop directly by using the power button, but at this moment it is merely impossible to operate without a touchpad, mouse, or other pointing devices. After restarting, if your Laptop touchpad is not working, follow the instructions below. Please note you should have an external mouse to follow these instructions or you should be a pro in keyboard shortcuts.    

Check if the touchpad setting is enabled

The touchpad is not working on the laptop is primarily due to disabling the settings unknowingly. In every laptop or computer, there is a combination that toggles the touchpad on and off. It is usually the Fn key in combination with F keys F1 through F12. It can be identified by little icons on the function keys. However, the function keys for enabling or disabling the laptop touchpad settings may vary based on the laptop manufacturer and the model number. If that doesn’t work, follow the below steps. 

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