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MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Intake/Admission:- 15th March to 1st September 2020 (Due to Covid19 Admission will start in October 2020) Application Starts:- 1st March 2020 to May 2020. Invitation Letter:- 15th June to 15th August 2020. Course Commencement:- 1st September 2020
Duration:- 6 Years (5 + 1-Year Internship)
The number of Medical Universities approved by MCI (as of 2020):- 10
International Students Acceptance:– Yes
Average Tuition Fees:- Rs. 2,60,000 to 5,00,000/Year ($3,466 to $ 6,665 Per Year)
Average Accommodation Fees:- Rs. 2,02,500/Year ($ 2700 Per Year)
The medium of Instruction:- English
Currency:-Kyrgyzstani som
Scholarship:- (
1). NWO Rubicon Scholarship, 2018 (2). Momeni Iranian Financial Assistance Scholarships, 2020 (3).Flinders University Phil Hoffmann Travel Postgraduate Scholarship (4).AIRC International Cancer Research Fellowships (iCARE)Top 3 Medical University:- (1). International School of Medicine, Bishkek (World Rank 13386) (2). Jalalabad State Medical University (World Rank 12495) (3). Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University (World Rank 4595)
About Kyrgyzstan:- Capital City: Bishkek. National Language: Kyrgyz /Russian. Major Cities: Bishkek, Osh, Karakol, Tokmok   Largest City: Bishkek. Time Zone: Time zone in Kyrgyzstan (GMT+6). Kyrgyzstan is 30 minutes ahead of India

Many Indian students are looking to get a degree in MBBS. Despite having good results in the 12th Standard and NEET score. Students are disheartened by not getting admission to medical school in India. Many options are available for students to study medical science in other countries. Studying medicine has been an advantageous and imperial profession, and there is a high demand for excellent healthcare and medicine globally, like never before. Since the past years, the medical industry has undergone a lot of massive changes worldwide, in terms of practice and the expertise of service delivered.

Medical candidates should engage themselves as members of nationally or regionally recognized medical organizations, in order to receive academic counseling. Organizations like these can help students to understand and learn different institutes abroad which offers excellent medical courses. So that students can make the best decisions and shape their future is an amazing way. However, it doesn’t end there.

These are the important date that the student should remember and make note of it.

Indian students are very budget-conscious. The expenses are an important aspect when a student is planning to study abroad. Many countries like the United States of America, Australia, and Canada have very high university fees. Most of the students are from middle-class families. Therefore, Kyrgyzstan has very university fees and hostel fees. But it also depends on how the student manages money. The average fee structure of the universities is 16-18 lakhs. And the average hostel expenses are 9-10 lakhs for a total of 5 years respectively.

The hostel fee is very low compared to other countries. Rs. 35,000 per year and Rs. 7,000 per month is the total cost which includes (food) 3 meals, laundry and also room cleaning.

Why Do MBBS from Kyrgyzstan

The reasons behind studying in Kyrgyzstan are main, which are discussed below

  • There are around 10,000 Indian students studying in Kyrgyzstan. To get admission to any Kyrgyzstan university you do not need to write any entrance test other than NEET.
  • There is no donation asked in any Kyrgyzstan university.
  • Visa is easily available for the students who wants to perceive MBBS.
  • There are a good number of medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan.
  • These universities provide a good level of medical training.
  • Students will have great exploration and scope in a particular field of study.
  • These universities provide an international standard of education to students.
  • The student will also have a great experience of working in hospitals with leading doctors.
  • The medical certificate of completion of the course which is provided by Kyrgyzstan university is accepted all around the world.
  • The amazing weather in the country will never make the students homesick.
  • Accommodation and other facilities of a high standard are provided to the students.
  • An Indian meal is available in some universities.
  • There are a lot of Doctorate holders and professors from India in Kyrgyzstan who will help and guide the Indian students in all ways possible.
  • The university will coach the student to qualify for the MCI screening exam.
  • Kyrgyzstan universities passing percentage is high in FMGE.
  • Hostel facilities are inside the university campus. So students do not need to travel.
  • The total expenses are very low compared to different countries.
  • The hostel also has gym facilities to maintain the physical well-being of the students.
  • All the universities have English as their teaching language. And Examination is also conducted in the English language. Therefore students need not fear the language barrier.
  • 1:15 is the average ratio of the teacher to students, in this country.
  • Extra training will be given to students for the MCI screening test.
  • The students will get opportunities to join international seminars, discussions.
  • In all the research work the students will have expert guidance from leading professors.
  • Kyrgyzstan has one of the world’s largest laboratory with specimens.
  • The top Universities provide an excellent education to students
  • Universities always maintain the International standard education which will make the status and confidence of students are high.
  • Many exchange programs are organized by the university so that the students experience a different thought process.
  • The main focus of the university is on the practical training of the students. Which helps the students to gain a lot of clinical experience.
  • The examination is divided into many semesters so that the students can easily handle the curriculum.
  • The candidates have to qualify each semester so that they are promoted to the next level.
  • Local dialects are also taught with the regular class so that the students will not face difficulties in the country.

Benefits of doing MBBS from Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country in Central Asia, which shares a border with Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west, and China to the east. The largest city and the capital is Bishkek. Officially Kyrgyzstan is known as the Kyrgyz Republic. The currency of this country is SOM and the exchange rate of SOM is nearly equal to that of Indian Rupees (INR). Kyrgyzstan is known for its quality education at an affordable cost as the country has both types of colleges: government and private. The official languages of Kyrgyzstan are Kyrgyz and Russian. There are almost 55 higher educational institutions and universities, out of which 37 are state-funded, this is also one of the reasons why students pursuing higher education choose Kyrgyzstan as their destination. The country is becoming one of the top destination for Indian students who want to pursue MBBS become the universities in Kyrgyzstan are well recognized by MCI, WHO and various international agencies. Due to the natural beauty of Kyrgyzstan, the country is also known as “The Switzerland of Asia”.

An MBBS is an undergraduate course that makes a student a certified medical practitioner. The duration of this course in Kyrgyzstan is of 5 years. Kyrgyzstan is known for its higher education as the universities have all the facilities which renowned universities of the world should have that is good infrastructure, quality education, affordable fees for the course. Although, one has to qualify the NEET exam to get admission in any university in Kyrgyzstan. The language in which students are taught is English so that the students from abroad don’t have the problem to understand and communicate with professors. The weather conditions in Kyrgyzstan also suites the students as it is pleasant and attractive.

Top Benefits of pursuing MBBS from Kyrgyzstan:

Easy Admission: For the Students seeking admission for the MBBS course in any Kyrgyzstan university, the admission process is quite simple as the university does not require the students to qualify and examinations. The admission is based on the 12th score and NEET exam score. The student Visa application procedure is also quite simple and for Indian students, The Indian Embassy provides a stress-free and smooth functioning of the application so that students can get admission to their dream universities on time.

Well Recognized Universities: The universities in Kyrgyzstan are the one which is not only recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI) but also by World Health Organization (WHO), apart from these two agencies various countries also recognize the universities of Kyrgyzstan as an important part in shaping various medical practitioners and allow the students to practice in their country after the completion of the course. Some of the universities which are recognized by MCI are International School of Medicine, IMI academy, Jalalabad Medical University, etc.

Well Equipped Universities: The universities of Kyrgyzstan are facilitated with modern equipment to ensure the comfort of students so that their understanding of certain subjects during their course is clear, which will help them to gain practical knowledge about their field. The infrastructure provided by the university is also world-class with Hi-tech research centers, labs where students can practice and gain real-time experience in the field in which they are going to work in the future. The university also provides the students with hostel facility so that students need not go outside in search of their stay, this facility has been quite useful for the students who are going from abroad in the new country.

Affordable Fees: The duration of the MBBS course in Kyrgyzstan is of 5 years, so the main challenge in front of students are regarding the fee structure. The total cost of the MBBS course from Kyrgyzstan is around 15 lacs which is quite less as compared to that of other advanced countries. Although the fees of the course are quite low as compared to various countries, the standard of education is not lowered.

Cost of Living: Kyrgyzstan is known for its low cost of living. The transportation cost, food services, hotels or rented homes are available at a very affordable cost as compared to that of other countries like Russia or India. For the students going from abroad to pursue MBBS, the universities also have the facility of Hostels which are well furnished and are separate for both boys and girls. Students prefer Kyrgyzstan over other countries because at less expense they can maintain a high standard of living.

Suitable Weather Conditions: Being a Central Asian country, Kyrgyzstan has pleasant weather condition which is suitable for Indian students. During summers the weather is around 25-degree Celsius, while in winter the weather goes from -5 to -10 degrees Celsius. Due to the natural beauty of Kyrgyzstan the country is also known as “Switzerland of Asia.”

No Donation: The universities of Kyrgyzstan do not take any donation for the admission of students in their courses. The students have to pay the original course fees as per the rules of the University. Although donations are not taken by the universities there is a scheme of providing a scholarship to the deserving candidate as per the criteria set by various universities.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Indian Students

Students who chose Kyrgyzstan for studying MBBS will be a wise decision. Students who are aspiring to get admitted to Kyrgyzstan must adhere to some norms.

  • The student should complete 17+ years of age before getting started with the admission process
  • The students should score a minimum of 50% marks in 12thstandard and 40% marks for SC/ST/OBC.
  • The student should be from a science background.
  • The student must have opted for subjects in 12thclass are Chemistry, Physics Biology, and English.
  • The council of Kyrgyzstan has stated that the student should qualify for the NEET examination.
  • The maximum age of the candidate should not be 25 years of age.
  • No language tests like IELTS, TOFEL or any other tests are required

Documents Required for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

  • The student should have the marks sheet or certificate of completion of 12th standard with 50% marks in Physics, Biology, and Chemistry.
  • The passport of the student is the mandatory document.
  • A welcome letter or admission letter from the university is required.
  • Affirmation documents or letter to get admission in MBBS from Kyrgyzstan is required.
  • VISA is also a much document which the student should have before moving to university.
  • The student should show that he/she can handle the expenses for all the academic years.
  • Photograph of passport size.
  • Ticket number of flight. And also the ticket.
  • Certificate of no criminal record. This can be issued from the police department or through a lawyer.
  • Medical report and health report from a reputed doctor.
  • Statement from the bank of parents/guardian which should show the fee expenditure of 1st
  • All the other applications and documents that the university demands.

Admission Process for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

  • The admission process is very simple and easily can be done.
  • Each university has its own application form. So go to the website of the university and download or fill the details accurately and precisely.
  • The student should scan all the documents such as the 12thstandard qualification certificate, passport, visa details, and other required documents that the university asks.
  • It takes nearly 10 days for the university to verify your documents and after 10 days you will receive the admission letter.
  • After the admission letter is received, the student should submit the tuition fees to the respective university.
  • As soon as the admission process is completed the student can apply for immigration. Apply for the visa in the meantime.
  • Then the student can book his flight ticked to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.
  • The date for application: It takes around 10-15 days to review student’s documents and then university issues admission letter.
  • The date of application: In the month of June and July.
  • VISA and Ministry: 45-60 days is the time that is required for the government to issue the visa in the month of August and September.

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

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