Menopause – A Time to Pay close attention to Dental Health


Hot flashes as well as mood swings are of all the most popular symptoms of menopause. But lesser known issues like bone loss, gum disease and bleeding gums may also be known making an appearance, and because of this, women should pay particular attention to their tooth health as estrogen levels begin to decrease during menopause.

  For ladies between the ages of 45 and fifty five, menopause might be just a couple short years or months away. The average age for the arrival of menopause is fifty one although there is no way to predict when girls will enter it, majority of females follow the same pattern as the mother of theirs.

  Whether girls are already in menopause and are nearing the average age of onset, below is information which is helpful about tooth health signs and symptoms associated to menopause that women must try to look for.


Osteoporosis and bone loss


A decline in estrogen levels usually leads to a decline in bone density. This’s a cause of concern for a woman’s dental health because this reduction in bone density might change the framework of the jawbone – ultimately resulting in a loss of tooth.

  Fortunately, one can find a number of ways for females to prevent osteoporosis and bone loss. Here are a few simple ways women can be proactive about bone loss:



Inflamed and ProDentim ingredients label ( also bleeding gums

  Aside from bone loss, changes in stress hormones could also lead to discomfort in gums and make gums much more susceptible to bleeding. It’s crucial for females to report symptoms of discomfort in their gums, because so many gum disease is practically constantly reversible if caught early.

  Early detection might not only help ladies reverse gum disease, however, it could perhaps help prevent other ailments like heart disease which had been linked with gum disease from building.

  In addition to early detection at home, regular visits to the dental office are yet another means for women to stay on top of their dental health.


Dental treatment suggestions during menopause