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Navaratna (9 Gemstones) Pendant for Men & Women

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Navaratna (9 Gemstones) Pendant is considered having scientific and astrological benefits to the wearer. It is believed that wearing Navaratna (9 Gemstones) Pendant improves health, prosperity and happiness. This is also believed to remove negative energy. Navaratna Gems can be put in a ring, necklace, pendant or other jewelry form according to the wishes of the wearer.

The gems and their benefits

Ruby is assumed to protect people from toxic substances and change the color when the wearer is in good health. 

Emerald is the harbor for all abdominal diseases, and is considered the goddess of love. 

Blue Sapphire brings enlightenment and enhancing devotion, rocks help cure diseases, and pearls give power to the heart.

Pearl always remains a favourite ornament in the royal court. 

Cats eye stone helps bring happiness and change negative thoughts into positive energy. 

Red Coral is a popular astrological gemstone worn to ensure success in the role of leadership, sports, business and health. 

Yellow Sapphire stone, also called Pukhraj stone, is a yellow gemstone that is very valuable and yellow from the corundum mineral family. 

Hessonite is a gemstone ruled by the planet Rahu, which is cold in nature and is considered a strong gemstone in improvement for the evil effects of Rahu. 

Diamond is very beneficial for people who suffer from infertility, sexual disorders and desires.


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