Plastic Plumbing Joints


This invention relates to flexible plastic plumbing joints and more especially it relates to snap-in pipe jointing fixtures which are also solvent weldable into the end portion of a threaded plastic tube. The invention consists of both ends of the tubes which are provided with threads that are able to be driven with a hand-piece like tool. One end of the fitting is provided with threads and is adapted with a tapering flange at the other end so as to permit a threaded plastic hose to be inserted and later disconnected from the fitting.

The basic function of such a plumbing fitting is to enable two or more materials to be joined that are different in type, configuration and so on. In this regard, the invention provides two main categories of fittings – one is for use in joining two different material pipes which are single in nature; and the other is for use in joining different material pipes which are dual in nature. With the former, a threaded plastic hose is threaded and the fitting is adapted so as to allow fitting into the pipe either end from opposite sides. In the latter, the end of the fitting has threads and the other end is adapted with a tapered flange to enable the threaded plastic hose to be inserted and later on removed from the fitting.

This invention constitutes the construction of a universal plastic plumbing coupling joint assembly. In the construction of this invention, the two fittings are glued and formed into a single joint by means of a universal joint formula. The same invention further comprises a threaded rod having the same diameter as the outer diameter of the threaded tube and a collar having a tapered end adapted to force the two fittings into a very tight position. The collar is fitted to the threaded rod with the effect of squeezing the two fittings together thereby ensuring a very strong joint.

Solvent welding is an alternate to standard plumbing fittings in terms of their ability to withstand very high temperatures. Standard plumbing fittings cannot withstand temperature rise to the extent that solvent welding can tolerate. Should you have any questions regarding in which in addition to how to make use of, you can contact us on the web-site. Solvent-welded plastic pipes have high resistance to pressures and temperatures. It is possible to weld plastic pipes without using a vapor barrier. A proper fitting of the pipe is important in this case.

These fittings are available in the market in diverse forms and sizes. There are different types of these fittings for use at different locations. One such example is a threaded access pipe fittings for use in joining water pipes and other related accessories. Threaded-access pipe fittings are typically used in places where there is no or little space available for conventional threaded pipe fittings, such as in the corners of drain channels and in access points to the outer walls of lavatories.

Other examples of such threaded adapters include: Fig. I, a coupling joint unit eighteen inches in diameter and made of iron; Fig. II, a coupling joint unit eighteen inches in diameter and made of plastic. Threaded pipe fittings are also available for use in constructing precast concrete foundation walls and floor systems.

Plastic plumbing fixtures and fittings are made by various manufacturers across the country. American Plumbing Supply Company is a premier supplier of plastic vanities, sink and shower fixtures and other plumbing supplies. Kohler is a leading manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen fittings. All these companies manufacture high-quality plastic plumbing pipe and fittings, which come in a variety of styles and finishes.

Plastic drain pipe fittings are available in a range of diameters and threading options. You can select a suitable option from the various options provided. You will get the right joint size according to your drainage system. Determining the diameters and the threading options offered by a company may not be similar. Therefore, it is necessary that you do your homework and research about different companies before deciding on a specific brand. To ensure you buy only the best quality products, consider hiring a professional plumber who can guide you about selecting the best possible plumbing supplies in the market.