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Reborn dolls are made from the cloth bodies of real babies, with limbs and a rear plate that attaches to them. The technique is different from that used to create an entire manufactured doll. Some manufacturers have employed reborn artists as sculptors, and have produced molds and kits for them. These kits come in a wide variety of styles. Some of the most popular are:

While reborn dolls have a long history, they were only recently made popular in the United States. Doll artists had a difficult time getting customers, but with the advent of the Internet and online marketplaces, this process has become easier and more accessible. The first reborn was offered on eBay in 2002. This rapid growth has led to an industry with many online stores and a niche audience. The niche market for reborns began with collectors and artists, who appreciated the realism of the dolls. This rapidly expanded to include people who wanted to use the dolls for emotional reasons.

Since the reborn doll has become a very popular hobby, it has become popular enough to appear in many movies and television shows. The first episode of Dr. Phil talked about reborning. Richard & Judy interviewed reborn artist Jaime Eaton, collector Mary Flint, and psychiatrist Raj Persuad. In the United States, reborn dolls have a very niche audience and an online marketplace. These reborns were created to be more realistic than ever and have become extremely popular.

Although the reborn doll industry is relatively new, it has been featured in many movies and television shows. The first reborn was offered on eBay in 2002. It was quickly followed by online stores, and a growing niche. The reborn market began with collectors who admired the lifelike accuracy of the dolls. This niche then spread to people who wanted to use the dolls for emotional reasons.

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