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Someone May Be Zapping Your Energy

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buzzbgone auHave you ever noticed that when you are with some people, you feel really alive, so energetic, but when you’re with many other individuals, you feel so exhausted, so exhausted?

When I was teaching a training course of metaphysics, buzzbgone consumer reviews (this link) I ran across an obscure term referred to as zapper. These days, we think of a zapper as an electronic device. The dictionary defines it as (a) an electronic device developed to attract and kill insects, (b) a person who habitually adjusts channels (as to stay away from commercials), and (c) a handy remote control unit employed for zapping. But when I was teaching that course, the definition of, zapper, was utilized to describe people who drained all the power of yours, sucking the life force out of you.

One of the things I liked to do with the pupils of mine was to try out metaphysical concepts and focus on the various ways of just how we can end up with religious theories into our day life. Having just found the zapper concept, I had everybody experiment with it. I gave them the assignment to create a listing of the individuals who made them feel energetic and after that the people who made them feel tired, and, of course, I made the own lists of mine.

The results were impressive. Most people discovered we were surrounded by individuals who could invigorate us and people who sucked the life force from us.

Once this was simply a question of staying away from the zappers and just having friends that made us feel alive, it would be easy to do. Just start yawning or feeling like the brain of yours was getting fuzzy, and make a strategic retreat. Nevertheless, like most things in daily life, that’s not easy to do.

The boss of yours or your instructor may well be a zapper and your options for a strategic retreat are restricted. It should also be noted that not everyone is affected by the same zappers as you are. One individual could zap the energy of yours but make another person feel alive, and the other way round.

About the time that I was making these tests with my pupils, I’d just acquired a fresh client. She was beautiful, smart, intriguing, plus had an excellent sense of humor however, every time I was with her, the energy level of mine went down the drain. It didn’t matter in case she called me on the telephone or came to the office of mine, the outcome was the same. I was so exhausted I could have slept for a century. Eventually, I referred her to somebody else as I was always way too tired to give her the type of help she deserved.

Create delicious experiment. Spend five minutes next to someone without either people saying a word and see the way you feel. At the conclusion of those 5 minutes, a zapper could have a burst of electricity and feel great and you’ll feel as though you had just run a 25K marathon, set collapse from exhaustion.

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