These 5 Celebrities Who Have Made The Best Use Of Astrology In Their Career

There is no doubt that hard work is key to success, but some time destiny is not in favor. Which lead to failure in life, career, etc. Planets play an important role in our lives. Astrological predictions are calculated on the basic or planet positions also. Vedic astrology confidently believes that the location of the Planets and Stars at an insistence of time also plays an important role. As is usually seen and knowledgeable, you could be putting in your best in your work, but come what may things don’t hit it off. Similarly, the lot could be going well and then there could be an unexpected breakdown without any perceptible reason. I know these could be happen to you many times. You will be astonished to know that celebrities also face these problems and breakdowns. These 5 celebrities who have made the best use of astrology in their career with our celebrity tarot card reader in mumbai.

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Amitabh Bachchan – This renowned superstar, the ideal of Bollywood, the celebrity who not at all looked back since his “Anand” days, faced a hard-hitting time when his business, ABCL, get bankrupt. Quoting Amitabh, In the year 2000, when the world was warming the establishment of a new century, I was celebrating my terrible destiny. There were no company, no money, no films a million permissible cases against me and the tax authorities had put a notice of recuperation on my home.” From such a sad state of affairs, Amitabh is back to where he recognizance as the “Shahenshah” of Bollywood’!

What brought about these destiny magics? It was Amitabh’s faith in gemstones having astrological importance. The rings he started wearing after his tragedy, or an arrangement of Blue Sapphire, Opal, Emerald. Amitabh doesn’t think twice to give thanks to these gem stones that have given him celestial help and support during his trials and troubles. The traditional combination of his rings represents the influential trinity of Mercury, Venus and Saturn.

Salman Khan – Our superstar’s turquoise stone bracelet has turned into his fashion statement. Given to him by his father, Salim Khan about 16 years back, Salman never puts it off. Although Salman is not moderately approaching about the astrological importance of the stone, calling it just his lucky charm, the bracelet can be recognized for his unmatched success and respect.

The turquoise colored stone has strong celestial properties of defense and saves its wearer from ill health and evil. Along with giving a boost up to a career, it also imparts mental peace and calm. And all this is simply seen in Salman, his comeback in films, getting released in legal cases and softening of his unpredictable nature.

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Rani Mukherji – This wonderful actress wears an emerald in the small finger to bind the powers of Mercury. Mercury rules the emerald and has a significant role in honestly controlling speech and communication, which is a vital part of filmy career. When Rani started her profession with her first film appearance, ‘Ghulam’, Directed by Vikram Bhatt, was doubtful about her voice and pronunciation. Her Hindi accent was different, which could be a big turn-off for the viewers.

Ajay Devgn – Many actors and actresses have added or removed alphabets from their names to bring them good Vaastu, Good Vaastu magnetize positive energies and good luck. After consulting numerologists. He changed his name to Ajay ‘Devgn’ as before Ajay Devgan during the promotions of his movie, “All the Best” which ‘then’ did hit the box office. Ajay believes in Vaastu Shastra and gemstones as well. The removing of ‘a’ from his surname was for hit in a career, general well-being and cheerfulness.

Shah Rukh Khan – The “Badshah” of Bollywood world. Definitely have trust on numerology, especially for his vehicles. All his vehicles have ‘555’ on the digit plate. In fact, he went a step more and even insisted on getting ‘555’ stamped on the number plate of his motorbike for the film, “Chennai Express”. Well, the film was a hit in the box-office!

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