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5 Things to Take Care in Pregnancy- Pregnant Women Tips

1. Consult your doctor
When you get to know you are pregnant, consult the doctor as soon as possible. You can book an appointment online searching one of the best pediatricians or child care centers near you.
You can also register yourself online with local maternity service. Taking care of things urgently means you will get a healthy and better advice from the specialist. You will get lot of time to go for tests like ultrasound scans.

2. Eat Well
Focus on a healthy diet. We are sharing some foods you can add in your diet:-

  • Try to prefer wholegrain varieties over white so that you get plenty of fiber in your diet.
  • Intake of proteins such as fish, eggs, nuts and lentils.
  • Intake of dairy foods like milk, cheese and yogurt.
  • Two times intake of fish in a week.
  • Starchy foods such as rice, pasta and bread.

Fish is one of the best examples of omega-3 fatty acid, proteins and Vitamin D which help your baby nervous system develop. If you don’t love fish, other foods like nuts, seeds and green vegetables can be taken.
Keep in mind that mother doesn’t need extra calories for first six months of pregnancy. Only when you complete 6 months then 200 calories are required last 3 months.

3. Take Supplements
For starting 3 months, you need to take folic acid and vitamin D for nine months of pregnancy.
Some women don’t prefer fish and for them, fish oil supplements are recommended. Whatever you take as a supplement, talk to doctor about it.
If you’re on a low income, government provides free vitamin supplements for pregnant women.

4. Be hygienic
When it comes to diet, women must be hygienic in taking food. Avoid eating Some foods which can spread bacteria and cause risk for baby. We are sharing a list of some avoidable foods which contain listeria:-
The following foods may contain listeria and so are best avoided:

5. Exercise regularly
Regular exercise of daily can be very effective for your health. Exercise helps maintain high blood pressure which protect women from pregnancy complication. Exercise makes you recover your shape after baby is born. The most important thing exercise makes your mood fresh. Swimming and walking will be very effective way of exercise but make sure you don’t exercise giving pressure on your stomach.

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