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To get the best cloud telephony solutions in India

Cloud Telephony solution is the networking system under which all communication tools and software are located at the premise of the service operator.

Any company that is interested in using such services doesn’t have to install any software as well as purchase any equipment to start the services.

The system can be IVR, configuration of the call center, recording of the call, virtual number or forwarding of the call.

Conventional business telecommunication programs include PBX in office only for Call distribution.

In several other data centers PBX systems are hosted primarily in cloud telephony solutions.

Cloud telephony simply involves moving the PBX from the office to cloud. There’s a lot of gray ground on how the Cloud Telephony program functions and its consumer advantages.

The Regulations for Cloud telecommunications often differ from country to country because telecom has always been controlled by Governments.

All the calls are directed via Cloud Server.

Eywa Media Ltd on Cloud Telephony Process

Eywa Cloud Telephony Services provide the most detailed outcomes to take responsibility for connectivity and simplify the whole process. Eywa communication support provided is visible that assists with transparent and traceable customer reviews to serve the customer better.

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