Turbo Website Reviewer Installation Guide
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Turbo Website Reviewer – In-depth SEO Analysis Tool Step by Step Installation Guide


  • PHP 5.4.0 or above
  • PDO and MySQLI extension
  • GD extension
  • Rewrite module
  • Multibyte String (Mbstring)
  • WHOIS Port – TCP 43 must be allowed
  • “allow_url_fopen” must be allowed
  • Safe Mode must be Off
  • Greater execution time must be recommended
  • SMTP Mail Server (optional)


1. Upload the files present on “Upload” directory to your website using FTP or file manager in your hosting’s control panel & keep writable mode for “uploads” directory and “/core/config/db.config.php” file 
2. Create MySQL database in your hosting account.  
3. Visit the “index.php” page in your web browser where you have upload the files e.g. https://seoaudit.factualfeed.com/index.php  
4. It automatically redirect to installation panel page.  
5. Provide the necessary information i.e. database-host, database-name, database-username and database-password  
6. Provide item purchase code for verification of script purchase. (Item purchase code will be found on here http://codecanyon.net/downloads)  
7. Click “Submit” button, it will be shown a successful message, if you have entered correct information of databse and item purchase code. Then enter your admin user id and password.  
9. Now click “Install” button, after few seconds (mostly 5 to 10 seconds) it will be shown a successful message with database table creation log file.  
10. You have done the installation. If you found any errors and bugs while installation – Please report and check the support section.  
11. After installation, put your site on maintenance mode (Admin Panel -> Maintenance) and make basic changes such as title, description, keywords etc..  
12. After done all customization, release the maintenance mode. 

Turbo Website Reviewer SEO Audit Tools

Demo: https://seoaudit.factualfeed.com/en/

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