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Undergo the best food nutrition analysis centre in Chennai.

Sufficient, healthy and safe nutrition is a foundation of human health. It is necessary to understand the nutritional condition of the food products before consuming it. Food quality is the value of food that is appropriate to consumers. The idea of food quality should be considered in all the food industries from the small scale to large scale, people believe the food safety test to assure the safety level of their consuming foods.

Value of food analysis through the food nutrition testing centers.

Various food industries gain benefit from food nutrition analysis, as proper nutrition analysis can reliably assess the details on nutrients inside a commodity that adds value to it and make customers aware of it. The findings collected from nutritional research laboratories help consumers to compare various products and make healthy food choices.

As per the FSSAI standards, nutrition details must be determined for people safety. Expert analytical services and consultants from SFTS food ingredient testing lab in Chennai ensure that they are constantly up to date with the current legislation and methodologies so that they can direct you on nutrient testing and labeling criteria for the market segments.

Analyzing nutritional value is not only for assuring food safety, it is also helpful for the  new product formation. Food nutrition testing labs will confirm that you reach all the regulatory criteria for nutrition approvals and your products are prevented from dangerous particles deposited and it gives assurance to the people for your good products in the market.

Importance of testing Nutritional value

As per FSSAI and NABL regulation, Values for nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and protein should be within the specified guidelines in food products and should be published on the label based on the results of the food tests. Too much nutrient content can cause other side effects. The food manufacturer must show on the labels the precise value of the nutritional elements.  Food nutrition testing labs certify the food products based on the tests they conduct.

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