Which washing machine is best for 4 members in a family?

Purchasing a new washing machine for your family is a significant investment, with a large variety of brands and models offering various features at a range of prices. To get the clear idea to make the right decision to pick the perfect model, see the washing machine purchasing guide that shows the best models based on the regular needs.

Following models are selected based on the characteristics of the users review described as a perfect model for the Indian families. Any washing machine must have the features such as high drum size, good energy rating and a fast wash cycle option to fulfil the people’s needs.

LG Fully-Automatic Front Loading 6 kg Inverter Washing Machine

LG is the most reliable brand in India and this LG 6 kg front loading washing machine is the best washing machine for a small family in India up to four members.   Direct Drive Inverter Motor implies the more energy efficient function in this washing machine. When the drum needs a cleaning function, Tub Clean feature gives the notification. SmartThinQ App gives the functioning process in the mobile phone.  6-Motion Control technology moves the drum with 6 different patterns to remove most stubborn stains.

IFB Fully-Automatic Front Loading 6 kg Washing Machine

IFB Diva Aqua SX does have a capacity of 6 kg that makes it an effective Front Loading  washing machine for small families in India. Also, the 800 RPM Spin Speed offers a good drying period for the clothes.

The 2D wash system in this washing machine does not require the soaking of clothes. It has the 4 sprays the water jet on the laundry and it removes the tough stains of the clothes before the washing up cycle starts. Crescent Moon Drum prevents the internal damage of the cloths.

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